Przez cały listopad obchodzimy Movember - zwany po polsku "wąsopadem". Przeczytajcie co kryje się za ideą zapuszczania wąsów i skąd się wziął ten pomysł, a następnie odpowiedź na pytania związane z tekstem.

Whether you love them or hate them, moustaches are having a moment. Especially since it's the month of November when people engage in Movember.  What's that? The term "Movember" is a blend of words November and Moustache.

The idea was born in 2003 in Melbourne in Australia. In the first-ever Movember challenge, a group of 30 Australian friends challenged each other to grow their moustaches for an entire month. Why? Simply to see if they could bring the style back to popularity. Surprised by how the activity managed to spark conversation, the founders decided to attach a cause - men’s health. That way The Movember Foundation was born.

The Movember Foundation focuses on giving people a platform to talk about men’s health. There are only a few simple rules:
1. Come 1st November, you shave your face and register on the Foundation site.
2. You devote the entire month of November to growing your moustache
3. You cannot cheat by growing just a beard or a goatee. Avoid gluing on a fake moustache (unless you are a woman!) While you’re allowed to do some light grooming, you must keep your moustache for the entirety of November.
4. When someone asks you: “What’s that awkward thing under your nose?” engage in the conversation to shed light on men's health issues.
Unable to grow a moustache, or just not confident enough to stick with it? Then this challenge may not be for you.

Those simple rules don’t require much. What they do is set up a platform for the men of the world to get creative by registering, talking about health, and by taking a picture of their growing shadow. It is an opportunity to raise awareness but most of all ask friends and family to donate to the cause.

Foundation has a leaderboard where various individuals or groups can raise money, a very manly thing to do - document the moustache and become the leader in donations.


moustache - wąs
challenge - wyzwanie
attach a cause - podłączyć ideę
to spark a conversation - wywołać dyskusję
to cheat - oszukiwać
to glue - przyklejać 
to devote - poświęcać
grooming - pielęgnacja
awkward - dziwny, niezręczny
shadow - cień


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